an archangel’s uptake on what god is and how we are a part of god

n 2005 I was contacted by the Angel of Death:- Archangel Azrael and given a mission:- Ease their pain.
He trance-channelled through my wife, who is a Spiritual Avatara. When I say trance-channel, I mean he took over her physical and mental body to communicate with me. He spoke through my wife, with a very old-sounding, Germanic type accent. To say it was overwhelming and frightening, is an understatement. We have had many conversations since.
The word ‘God’ for me was always difficult, since I grew to be an atheist and non-believer, yet as I developed my business teaching skills in communication, I learned about the power of the self-fulfilling philosophy, and the Universal Life-Force Energy, and like many Quantum Mechanics scientists and Quantum Physicists, I now accept there has to be a life-force ‘out there’ which has created our universe.
In my many conversations with Archangels, I have been able to build my knowledge of creation, what the universe is, what the Angelic Realm is, and why we are here.
According to what the Angels tell me; God is…
- Light.
- The one thought.
- The one super-conscious mind.
- Universal, creative energy.
Energy combined is a creative energy. We are all part of the creative energy; as are all things that we are aware of.
Most people try to perceive God as a being, in a particular place ‘out there’ or ‘up there’ or ‘in here’.
I am told that God; light; The Creator; the universal creative energy; is beyond human comprehension.
We cannot communicate with God directly. We have to communicate with God’s messengers: the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Angels.
They tell me that no-one has ‘ever’ been spoken to by God directly. God has used Angels for voices and as messengers.